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How can you get a Patent?

How to get a patent is one of the first questions an inventor must ask. Once this information is learned, it becomes a matter of deciding if a patent is the right way to procede. Sometimes, it is just not worth the time and financial investment required to get a patent. 

 Patent  research would be the first step in answering this question.  If after a preliminary search on your own yields no obvious patent infringement issues, the next step would be to invest between $300. and $400. dollars in a legitmate patent search company. Obviously these prices re all over the place, but with some google searches, you should have a list of otential search firms. 

Now is a great time to be wary of the fact there are many less than scrupuloious firms, which are only to happy to take your money. Research spent on checking the backrounds of these companies is a VERY IMPORTANT detail. Checking with the Better Business Bureau as well as asking for a list of satisfied client THAT YOU MAY CONTACT. Again, follow up and call the clients. Some companies will provide a list withthe stipulation that you not contact them, under the guise of not wanting to put their clients through the trouble. If you can't verify a referal, it is useless.

Another form of procaution to be taken very seriously is the fact you will be dealing with sales professionals. Thay are trained to have great responses to any potential questions or concerns you may pose. They typically provide a worksheet to new recruits, in order that they may study the likely questions, and the memorize the prepared responses.

It is very eay to fall victim to pie in the sky promises and projections, which of course will contain small print somewhere on the page saying they offer no guarantee that you will make any money, and may in fact lose money.

I have never made it through the entire terms pages, although I have tried. Unfortunately, the legalese is writen to confuse even the most focused indivual, to the point of just giving up on the agreement, and signing it. I am quite certain, none of us has read such a form cover to cover. And even if wwe did, we would likely not understand ninety percent of it.

They also point out in that the 80 page agreement form you must click to accept the terms of, that anything the sales person says does not count, as they are not authorized to alter the agreement in any way.

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